Diagnosis It used to be you couldn’t get a good diagnosis unless you went to the right specialist, and you couldn’t be referred to the right specialist unless you got the right diagnosis. So much needless suffering, so much wasted time and effort. We know that people are not necessarily the best reporters, but no one else feels the degree of your own pains. Diagnosis has always been the key to successful treatment, but it took thirty centuries for modern diagnosis to dispel the uncertainty. As simple as putting a document in a copier, as painless and fast as ordering lunch, the diagnosis machines at Giver Centers do all the work for almost free and never make a mistake, guaranteed. * Vaccines For two hundred years we have introduced weak versions of viruses to train the body’s immune response. By this means, we have eliminated smallpox and kept polio, anthrax, rabies, herpes, mumps, measles, ebola, HIV, and rubella at bay in humans and in beasts. We have trained our immune systems to fight not only viruses but bacteria. Tuberculosis, pneumonia, strep, tetanus, typhoid, diptheria, syphillis, and leprosy do not infect millions as they used to do. We were less successful against the flu and the common cold. The darned things keep mutating. Gradually, we have learned enough about the immune system to develop a general immunity agent that trains our systems to fight all pathogens but also guards against autoimmune diseases where the immune system attacks healthy cells. We are talking about a cure for arthritis, diabetes type 1, Grave’s disease, lupis, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, and colitis. I love to list these diseases because we have developed a cure for all of them at once. Even cervical cancer. We call this Immunipro,™ a simple, safe agent that stresses cancers to commit apoptosis. In an ideal world, Immunipro™ would be free to all; however, we do not live in an ideal world, so we are trying as hard as we can. * Cancer Cancer can start anywhere and affect anyone. Many risk factors multiply its threat. Lung cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer, brain cancer, oral cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical and colorectal cancers. Cancers live forever, they say, but we do not. We have found that controlling programmed cell death is the key to a long and healthy life. So why not ask your doctor today about AutoLife Therapy.™ As they say, the life it saves may be your own. * Organ repair Consider the heart and lungs. Consider the liver, the kidney, even the skin and bones. Our lives depend on our organs, and our organs depend on The body is mostly made of organs, so there is hardly anything that doesn’t depend on You can’t love without a heart; you can’t think without a brain; you can’t breathe without your lungs; but with, you’re always whole. Ear and eye, tongue and tummy, you and are always chummy. has specialized in the diagnosis and repair of human organs for years and years. Our purpose and our determination, our concern and our focus have always been on your organs, so trust us. Invest in us. Let us enrich and lengthen your lives. You won’t regret the tradeoffs. * Joint replacement Orthopedic surgery used to be more like carpentry. Cut off a bone; hammer or screw in a replacement. But we have less invasive, less painful procedures now. All you have to do is plug in and wait. Our proprietary fluids and agents will fix your joints from the inside out. * Pain management Pain melds mind and body, but phantom pain shows only the mind is necessary. This finding is the key to total pain management. We can turn it off and we can turn it on. We can dial it up so your doctor can ask you where it hurts. To do this, we don’t need drugs. We don’t merely block nerve signals, which wouldn’t help ease phantom pain. A small necklace or pendant stimulates specific signals that trick the brain into knowing everything is just fine.