Your body is full of life, I mean in addition to your own, depending on how you feel about owning the microorganisms that teem in your mouth and nose, glom onto your skin and hairs, and colonize your colon. Many of these multifarious creatures do no harm, except to one another, since they compete for positions and resources, but others are harmful, and that’s where we come in. We improve and provide beneficial protists and guarantee their behaviors, that is, assuming they are correctly applied, because some belong in the mouth, let’s say, and others do not. But we guarantee that our microbiota will do more than outcompete the viruses and fungi that harm you. There’s no reason to be squeamish about microscopic flagellates that clean every part of your body to free your energy and clear your mind. Civilization invented soap. Civilization added yeast to bread dough. Our products are the epitome of civilization, and are surely worth what they cost.