Loving too much

Nobody should be prosecuted for loving too much. He or she should be prosecuted for stalking loved ones and for loving the wrong persons. Nobody should be prosecuted for merely baring their breasts or pubes in private or in public, or for embarrassing others. But anyone who complains should be prosecuted for being annoying prudes. They who go bare should be prosecuted only if their actions are totally boring. Nobody should be prosecuted for expressing his or her thoughts, only for inciting violence and hatred. Loving your country or religion should be prosecutable. These should be practical relationships, as you relate to a part-time store clerk or to fellow shoppers and bus riders, not as you relate to your parents. Following orders should be prosecutable if the orders are for harming others, unless they are against people who are harming others. Every lover should receive a stipend from the government for loving others as they wish to be loved in mind or in deed.