Dialectic method acting

I live in the world as I imagine it. Bills I receive in the mail are actually forms of debt forgiveness, but I send back the money anyway because I appreciate the gesture. My lover says she doesn’t love me, but I know it’s not true because she cares enough to apologize. In return, I try to be a better partner even though I know I’m perfect now. The politicians whom I voted for and who promised to serve the people serve the arms manufacturers instead, but I know they are playing the long game and are collecting favors that they’ll use to end the war. The war is pointless and agonizing. Brave and deluded men die every day. The intensity of its horror, I believe, convinces people more and more that we must change history to end all wars, not just the war we are currently fighting. I don’t believe that I support the corrupt capitalist and authoritarian system, because my values are simple and pure. They can’t make me agree with them.