Volume 1. Chapter 6. Essences


We are not concerned with the shape of living things; we are concerned only with what they do, and we know their essences are more responsible for their functions than their appearances.


As the creator creates, so his or her creations follow their own laws to embody the universal. An artist isn’t one who merely claims the role, but creates art. As art is transmitted so it transmits. The process of creation is embodied within it.

Living seed

The artist grasps a living seed, not a circle on a lever. This seed grows by inner laws, not by external formalities. The artist can plant a seed and nurture it, but the inner laws of its growth retain their mystery.

In nature

The artist exists in nature, and, like the rest of nature, he does what he can do. Living things inspire him; their process and functions are inexhaustible. A mere seed in dirt grows to a green brilliance and produces new seeds. Any living thing is beautiful without pleasantries or sophistries beyond its appearance. The artist has a relation to the seed and the plant existing in mystery.

Creating form

Leaves of the same pattern of veins grow in different shapes. Different energies determine different contours. Accordingly, the artist doesn’t focus merely on appearance, but works toward a thing’s inner being.

Studying nature

Look at it. Live with it. Dissect it. Study how it exists, how it feels, and how it changes. Things affect us. They have purposes and energies. We can create natural objects by understanding nature.