Volume 1. Chapter 7. Experiments

Intuition and science

Exact research can build bridges; intuition can leap over chasms and rivers.


Genius is grace; however, it obeys no rules. It bursts ahead, but who should follow what may be madness? Instead, keep it secret and test its direction with careful experiments.


Strict adherence to rules of construction would become monotonous. Seedlings adhere to same underlying laws but no two are identical. General laws motivate but particulars make a work seem free.


Total freedom would be random, which is neither possible nor desirable. An abstract painter paints pure relationships rather than appearances, when avoiding representation and the extraneous is a difficult discipline.

Painting light

A light defines spacial relationships. It may be cool or warm and has a source. If the light source comes from the front, it can give the illusion of an object in a space.