The computer is the universal machine, and wheat is the universal food. The things you can make with wheat include seitan (fake meat). Angel cake, apple cake, and amandine. Brownie, bundt, breadstick, and butter cake. Biscuits, beer, bagels, and banana bread. Baklava, banket, banbury cake, and bear claws. Cakes, croissants, cookies, and crackers. Cannoli, cinnamon roll, and crêpes. Coffee cake, clementine, churros, and cupcakes. Éclair, empanada, and carnival cake. Funnel cake, fruitcake, biscotti, and bolani. Croutons, crumpet, carrot cake, and crisp bread. Hamantash, knish, kringle, filo, and fig rolls. Petit fours, cream puffs, pies, and pretzels. Muffins, muesli, mooncakes, and macarons. Turnovers, tarts, torts, and pound cake. Waffles, Welsh cake, gravy, and tiramisu. Éclair, empanada, doughnuts, and Danish. Pancakes, pastas, pastries, and soufflés. Sponge cake, porridge, pizza, and po’boys. For breakfast you can eat malted cream of wheat, wheat flakes, or grape-nuts (made of wheat). With wheat and a few other ingredients, you can make a house for gingerbread men.