Extinct or critically endangered bats

'Pipistrellus murrayi,' a vesper bat from Christmas Island, Australia 'Pteropus tokudae,' a tiny megabat from Guam in the Marianas Islands in Micronesia 'Murina tenebrosa' a species of vesper bat in the family Vespertilionidae 'Mystacina robusta' specimen held at Auckland Museum 'Nyctophilus howensis,' a vespertilionid insectivorous bat 'Pteralopex pulchra' is a megabat endemic to the Solomon Islands

Christmas Island pipistrelle

The Christmas Island pipistrelle was a small insectivorous bat with dark brown fur yellowish at the tips of its hairs. It roosted in tree hollows and was last seen in 2009, pushed to extinction possibly by invasive species like feral cats, wolf snakes, black rats, and yellow crazy ants.

Guam flying fox

The Guam flying fox, also called the little Marianas fruit bat, first observed in 1931 roosting with the larger Marianas fruit bat, with a length of 6 inches and a wingspan of 28 inches, grayish on the top of its head, golden-brown on the sides of its neck, and brown or dark brown on its throat and underparts, is extinct due to hunting and destruction of habitat. A female that escaped capture in 1967 was the last to be observed.

Gloomy tube-nosed bat

The gloomy tube-nosed bat is known by only one individual, an old female from Tsushima Island found in 1962.

New Zealand greater short-tailed bat

The New Zealand greater short-tailed bat has not been observed since 1965. Restricted by activities of Europeans to small islands off Stewart Island, it is thought to have been decimated by an invasion of rats.

Lord Howe long-eared bat

The Lord Howe long-eared bat is known by only a skull found on Lord Howe Island in 1972. Almost nothing is known of them, except that they probably resembled the long-eared Nyctophilus, being insectivorous, but comparatively larger, and that they were done in by shipwrecked rats and by owls introduced to control them.

Montane monkey-faced bat

The Montane monkey-faced bat, known by only one individual, occupying the high montane forests of the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, was a small megabat with a sagittal crest, wings attached near its spine, massive canine teeth, and strikingly red eyes.