Instinctive distaste of rats

Lava mouse 'Malpaisomys insularis,' a mouse with pink ears, light brown above, white feet and undersides 'Pseudomys gouldii,' a small brown mouse with lighter undersides, from 'Mammals of Australia' by John Gould 'Conilurus albipes,' a small gray-brown mouse with white undersides, including under its hairy tail, from 'Mammals of Australia' by John Gould 'Megalomys luciae,' a rat the size of a cat, sitting on his hind legs, photo by Vassil of a stuffed specimen in the Great Gallery of Evolution at the National Museum of Natural History, Paris 'Oryzomys antillarum' skull, from a thesis by C. E. Ray 'Notomys longicaudatus,' a gray mouse, dark on the top, pale on the underside, with a long tail and long rear legs, from 'The zoology of the voyage of the H.M.S. Erebus & Terror' 'Rattus nativitatis,' a large dark brown mouse with a small head and large body, and a short tail, from 'A monograph of Christmas Island' by Charles William Andrews 'Rattu's macleari,' a brown rat with a long tail, half black and half gray, from Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1887 'Apodemus sylvaticus hirtensis,' a small brown mouse with black ears and eyes, a screenshot from a video by Jack Hynes 'Geocapromys thoracatus,' a brown furred rodent like a guinea pig, photograph of stuffed specimen from the Harvard Museum of Natural History / Peabody Museum 'Leporillus apicalis,' a gray mouse with white undersides and three dark strips on its face, from 'Mammals of Australia' by John Gould 'Melomys rubicola,' a gray-brown rat (reddish brown above and greyish brown undersides, with black guard hairs on its back) with pink ears and feet, photo from Government of Queensland, Australia, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) website

Lava mouse

Gould’s mouse

White-footed rabbit-rat

Saint Lucia giant rice rat

Jamaican rice rat

Long-tailed hopping mouse

Bulldog rat

Maclear’s rat

St Kilda house mouse

Little Swan Island hutia

Lesser or white-tipped stick-nest rat

Bramble Cay melomys