Perponderance of the Small Perponderance of the Small (The Marrying Maiden)

Moma and papa Bush Tit were building under our eaves in the open again, although a blue jay tore apart their nest after their chicks hatched last year, so, to thwart the jays, I wrapped around it a short roll of chicken wire closed upon itself, which scared the parents away for a week or so, although of course they could fly right through the mesh, but they returned and finished the nest, a hanging bag like a man’s sock without much of an ankle made of moss and spider webs and weeds. We hoped we’d see the fledglings, and were glad to see papa bringing a green caterpillar, followed by wriggling and chirping. Now the nest is quiet; still in one piece; we don’t see the parents; we didn’t see any fledglings, either, and I wonder whether I should cut the thing open to see if the chicks are still in there.

The Marrying Maiden