31 October - 1 November 2023


On Lufthansa Air the steward proclaims “Ta da!” when he’s poured our tea.

Ritual selfie

A selfie for two both begins and continues— safely on our way.

Liz and Tom on the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt

2 November 2023

Architectural elements—Old Town, Prague

Rooftop spires aspire in a medieval manner— from Republic Square.

A few architectural elements from Republic Square, Old Town, Prague


Instead of cement, cobblestones and granite slabs— for every walk and lane.

Old Town Prague has many cobblestones. These are in Republic Square.

Graffiti on the John Lennon Wall

Imagining here, they couldn’t suppress feelings— hope, love, and freedom.

John Lennon wall with graffiti in Prague Lesser Town

Tycho Brahe’s Bones

His great mind is lost, his fortitude depleted, but he still inspires. * Since his bladder burst, Tycho became a relic, buried in the church.

Poster of the Tycho Brahe plaque in the Church of our Lady before Týn on Old Town Square, Prague, where his bones are buried

4 November 2023

Old glass

Here when we say “old,” we mean it’s centuries old— not just seeming old.

Old window panes in the concert room, Lobkowicz Palace, Prague Castle

5 November 2023


In the bus window, roadsigns, cubist cars, and bridge— reflected on glass.

Ústí on the Elbe

Děčin Castle

Above the flood line, but not time’s depredations— it’s still imposing.

Děčin Castle - Červený Vrch, from the bus

6 November 2023

Fishing the Elbe

Fishing the Elbe he casts across the water reflecting fall leaves.

Fishing the Elbe

Dresden at night from the Elbe

More river than shore, setting sun leaves city lights— the old bridge spans time.

Dresden at night from the Elbe

7 November 2023

The Chocolate Girl

The Holy Spirit and water are free, but not the chocolate girl.

The Chocolate Girl, a pastel by Jean-Étienne Liotard, in Dresden

Boatmen on the Elbe

They have a rough life serving even fine women— Watch out for the mud.

Liz and Tom on the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt

Rembrandt’s Saskia

Loving Saskia, he gave her glistening pearls and a red flower.

Saskia with a Red Flower, by Rembrandt, 1641, in the Old Masters Gallery, Dresden

King Johann on a horse

Johann on a horse, although he never rode one, leads us to the bus.

Statue of King Johann (John) through the gateway from the Zwinger by the entrance to the Old Masters Picture Gallery, Dresden

Chariot of the opera

Metaphors are drugs. Sculptors sculpting bronze in flight— Wild rides with the gods.

Chariot pulled by four lions, atop the Semperoper, Dresden

9 November 2023

River boat stateroom

Accommodated while boating down the Elbe— beauty every day.

Sunrise from our stateroom on the Beyla

Pulpit, Town Church, Wittenberg

Tourists like us where the Reformation began replace believers.

Pulpit in the church where Luther preached 2000 sermons, Wittenberg

Medieval Wittenberg

To flush their sewage, they had fresh running water, running out to the Elbe.

Wittenberg city medieval sewage system

10 November 2023

Time Has Passed

At his Sanssouci, although he’s been restored here, no one winds his clocks.

Portrait of Frederick the Great and an ornate clock in his bedroom, Sanssouci

The Muse of Sanssouci Palace

Frederick the Great imagining he’s the muse— teaches the cherubs.

Representation above the wall of the marble hall of a muse teaching sculpture and painting, Sanssouci, Potsdam