In the scheme of I used to be and I am used to being Don’t blame me for used to being one way or another fact is I used to know what I liked about you let’s get the verbal tenses correct as in used to want to jump out the top storey window meaning of course we were used to wanting to jump out etc etc just a way of starting out like we used to explore there once was an us in the used to be case of timeless searching wanting to say bewilderment the voice of used to know intruded with used to knowing asking shall we meet at the front door as we used to or will you go out the back all started out me wanting to say used to kick beer cans down the street but I am used to introducing suicidal impulses came upon me from the nowhere I know so well if you’ve got to blame something why not get used to what comes from the drama of nowhere let’s just forget it all and run for cover that’s pretty good material let’s make a tent like we used to wolves gnawing at our assumptions what used to be quite reassuring understanding after all these years the used to be full blown call of correcting each other meaning knowing cleverly drawing the reader into the dilemma of partnership we are used to doing this is how it is how it should be let’s meet again like we are used to enjoying the come what may used to throwing the dice of assumptions used to giving advice to the explorers you and me living in the nowhere singing along like we used to no one in this place except you and me while the dream begins to fade yes I have already untied the stallion used to neighing at the gate of you never know belonging to the language cheerleader used to twirling her baton on the balcony called forever