Coming or going same difference passing each other along the avenue called are we there yet remembering when all was looking forward knowing in advance those forgone conclusions raising their sleeping heads saying nevermore meaning wait we will see when we get there knowing the distance between us and where we’re heading would collapse were we not perpetually on our way to sustain it the word promise occupying dominance floating away in the brightly hued air resting in those moments of time that step out of the ongoing that other dimension called you and me having the experience ongoing anticipation more of the same up ahead in the versions of togetherness meaning of course uncertainty is now in progress like a rocking chair leading to the future in the controversy of not yet and no longer when the steady flow of expectations is suddenly interrupted caught in paradoxes of subjectivity the scroll is that of memory sometimes open sometimes closed all available expectations caught in loops of remembering much simpler practicing waiting just for the sake of waiting no particular goal in mind except don’t forsake me oh my darling you’re here already and I’m not ready yet against your will the passing time suspended in the ongoing narrative no longer being here nor being gone