Remarkable Moment

Take your time on this occasion your time my time shared festival watch out for timeless work of memory to remember work of memory to forget is this the same tunnel as yesterday is this yesterday’s tunnel must be today’s tunnel that’s why it’s darker darkness of amor fati a remarkable moment memory works to remember memory works to forget take your time looking to see what’s there same as looking to see what’s not there worthy of being noticed slight wave of the hand hello to a previous neighbor not seen for years same as looking to see what’s not there what’s there what’s not there same glance a visitor visits a glance glances it doesn’t matter how you approach a backward glance amor fati lying on the floor your eyes wide open when all is said and done hoping to experience the joy of being wide awake now and then usually used to mean occasionally you know what I’m getting at come on along and listen to just another lullaby depending on the wisdom of the occasion not having to say now and then let’s say yes to a narrative juncture only subliminally subliminal juncture you are who you are going on to become more of the same somewhere a frame of reference barely visible through overgrown weeds answers forgotten in the tunnel let’s say serendipity on this occasion