Time Wasting Itself

Time wasting itself whether I’m late or early don’t blame me when are you wherever when is a bystander for when is everywhere no matter how many doors you have to go through when is always ready to go forming a pact with living truth always cooler in the shade does when need examples look out the window you will see what I mean seeing what you see the great release eternal understanding living truth as a real welcome in case you were to ask our footsteps reminding me to remember when we are not there yet nonetheless back to business all is thematic nonetheless pull up a chair stay a while take off your sunglasses the figurines placed everywhere at random moments all moments are random no matter when the story doesn’t end no matter when you’re going or when you came when all is said and done nonetheless how wonderful to see a fire when it isn’t burning just be the same as yesterday your diary is waiting for the when of your own choosing