Killing rights

If you keep chickens you may take their eggs. If you keep cows for milk, you may take and sell their milk. If you raise cattle, you may sell their calves for veal. If you raise swine, and you aren’t Jewish or Muslim, you may kill and eat them, boar, sow, and suckling pig. You may kill any farm animal, so why not a wild animal? If you get a hunting license, and deer are in season, according to the law, may you shoot a stag, but not a fawn or doe, if it’s in the daytime, if you’re not in a vehicle, if you’re far enough away from any road or home, if the stag can run away on more than forty acres, and it was not lured using feed or salt, or driven toward you by accomplices. You must have a reason to kill an animal. You must eat its meat, or render its tallow for candles, or tan its hide for leather, or boil its bones for gelatin. The Inuit use every part of the whales they kill. If you obey the rules, then you may kill animals. You may not shoot your neighbor’s dog, no matter how many of your chickens it’s killed.