Predator rights

A wolf may take a wild animal, but not a domestic animal, we say. A pack of wolves may take a deer, stag, doe, or fawn, out of season, and any any state of health, regardless of our romantic notion that they only thin the herd of animals least likely to survive. Is it another romantic notion that they never kill for fun? If we say they kill only for survival, what do we say when they kill a lamb or calf? Are we clear on this? A wolf has a family, just like us. A wolf doesn’t raise squash or beans or corn; it must eat meat. Why can’t a wolf take a lamb or calf, why can’t it take a pet dog or cat, if its survival, if the survival of its cubs or pack depends on it? The line between wild animals and domestic animals, like lines 
between countries on our maps, are not lines a wolf knows about. Clearly, our rules mean that a wolf can’t be really be a wolf as far as our property is concerned.