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Children listen and whistle while Nikki plays a flute. These are the children who are featured on the dedication page of Sonam’s Surprise.

Yaks Bells

“As we talked, I heard yaks’ bells in the distance,” on page 23.

Arati Ritual

The Arati ritual is mentioned on page 30.


Boys in Namche Bazaar play sarangis, as described on page 58.

How to make sel roti

Here’s how to make sel roti, as described on page 59. You’ll also see a pot of dal on the stove. (This video is silent.)

“jai dung, dunga, ma”

Tej Bikram Shahi sings the Sherpa folk song that the porters sing on page 77.

Tej’s translation of the song:

Where in every stone almighty and super natural power resides.

Nepali Love Song

Tej Bikram Shahi sings and explains a Nepali love song.

Tej’s translation of the first song:

It’s not difficult to die, but I can’t kill your love.
For me it is easy to die, but to kill your love is really difficult.

Tej’s translation of the second song:

The love of a human being is like a flowing river.
Sometimes it is like water tossed by early morning sunlight,
glowing, like in the early morning or at dusk.


Porters are described on page 77. Here, actual porters on a trek take a break.