Church of Outer Worlds

Beyond Pluto, beyond the reach of mere instruments, habitable planets with their own sources of energy may yet orbit our sun or another sun. Who knows how life may have evolved in these outer worlds, so unlike our own. The entire body of scriptures for the Church of Outer Worlds is based by the latest science and consists of a collection of what-ifs. The early books record hypotheses about life on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and their moons. Floating in the gas clouds of the planets, harvesting heat from the volcanos of Io, swimming in the oceans of Europa, crawling on the seabeds of Ganymede or Callisto, what if life there were as possible as life on our improbable planet? Scientists admit that, without evidence, to claim a thing is impossible is neither valid nor desirable. Members of the Church of Outer Worlds are merely those in this world who wonder.