About this book

These poems are about coping in our strange times.

Strange times are when our usual assumptions are useless and people are dying for not realizing this. Hans Hans once thought, “One’s own death is thus the most false thing by which we judge all things false.” [https://sharpgiving/HansHans/sets/hans-friend.html] I may die tomorrow of a disease that I won’t be able to appreciate fully, and I may never have revealed what I am deep inside, which after all may be impossible.

Strange times are when reality conflicts with our ideals and idealistic notions.

The cover

The cover illustration is my pen and colored pencil drawing of the section of the Bayeux Tapestry depicting the appearance of Halley’s comet in 1066.

The author

Tom Sharp, self portrait

Tom Sharp is a Native American of Aleut heritage, a member of Seldovia Village Tribe. He is the author of numerous books, including Spectacles: A Sampler of Poems and Prose, Taurean Horn Press (ISBN 0-931552-10-9), a novel, Hans and the Clock (ISBN 979-8580172484), The book of science, SciFi (ISBN 979-8694935210), Things People Do (ISBN 979-8687425568), The book of beliefs (ISBN 979-8683553593), The I Ching (ISBN 979-8573510620), Images (ISBN 979-8577560515), Aleut Artifacts (ISBN 979-8575608998), Aleut Words (ISBN 979-8582103394), and First Nations (ISBN 979-8682924769).