benzine ring (c6h6)

The book of science

8700 BCE - 2018 CE

Tom Sharp

Poetry and commentary reflecting milestones of the history of science

Welcome to The book of science. Come here each week to find poetry and commentary on another milestone of the history of science.

New this week

In 105, during the Eastern Han dynasty, Cai Lun introduced paper and papermaking.

105 Cai Lun manufacturing Paper

New recently

70 Pedanius Dioscorides medicine Traditional medicine
70 Hero of Alexandria (Heron) mechanics Windmill
46 BCE Julius Caesar astronomy Julian calendar
118 BCE - 1953 Polybius, Julius Caesar, Giovan Battista Bellaso, Antoine and Bonaventure Rossignol, Charles Wheatstone, Frank Miller, Felix Delastelle, Fritz Nebel, Lester S. Hill, John F. Byrne cryptography Cipher
134 BCE Hipparchus astronomy Astronomy
206 BCE Chinese, Han dynasty electromagnetism Compass

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