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The book of science

8700 BCE - 2018 CE

Tom Sharp

Poetry and commentary reflecting milestones of the history of science

Welcome to The book of science. Come here each week to find poetry and commentary on another milestone of the history of science.

New this week

In 1927, Irving Langmuir described the peculiar counter-rotating circulation of waters in oceans.

1927 Irving Langmuir oceanography Langmuir circulation

New recently

1928-1929 Irving Langmuir, Lewi Tonks physics Plasma oscillation
1705,1894 Francis Hauksbee, Nikola Tesla physics Plasma lamp
1902 Richard Assmann, Léon Teisserenc de Bort atmospheric sciences Stratosphere
1450,1481 Nicolaus de Cusa, Leonardo da Vinci atmospheric sciences Hygrometer

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