On a pedestal

A magician on stage stands before a pedestal with a special clay whose impurities have been washed away leaving it totally invisible. Nevertheless, the magician acts as though he can see it. With this clay, the magician fashions the shape of a beautiful woman. He describes her as he works: her delicate feet and lovely ankles, her long legs, her thighs, her curvaceous hips and narrow waist, her perfect breasts. It takes a while for him to get every detail exactly right. At first he roughs in her head but gradually attends to each beautiful feature: her mouth, cheeks, nose, eyes, and ears. The magician’s clay is totally invisible, but you are mesmerized. His patter and his flowing, shaping hands have hypnotized you. Even so, the woman he’s forming is also invisible, not even a mirage, but the magician has a final trick. He blows on his creation, one long, hot breath. At first, she becomes visible, and then she comes alive. She smiles, she lifts her arm, she arches her right foot to tip a lovely toe in your direction. She’s your ideal mate and you instantly fall in love. It’s not impossible to believe when you’ve seen this act with your own eyes. In fact, it happens all the time.