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Somehow (I know not how nor when), a set of rare artifacts were handed down to me. These are eight bifold brochures that feature the paper and fabric depictions of the eight immortals shown in this book. Originally, these characters are titled “immortals of chinese mythology.” The brochures were distributed by the Schering Corporation of Bloomfield New Jersey to promote the drug named Meticorten, a brand of prednisone introduced in 1955. The brochures are not dated and do not show a copyright. Schering merged with Plough in 1971.

I wrote these poems in 1985, or at least by the end of October 1986.

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The author

Tom Sharp, Ph.D., holds twenty patents and is a retired programmer, a member of Seldovia Village Tribe, and the author of numerous books.

You may email tom/AT/liztomsharp/DOT/-c-o-m-/ to share comments on this work.

Tom Sharp’s initials
paper and fabric depiction of Chung-Li Ch’uan paper and fabric depiction of Chang Kuo-lao paper and fabric depiction of Lu Tung-pin paper and fabric depiction of Li T’ieh-kuai paper and fabric depiction of Ho Hsien-ku paper and fabric depiction of Hon Hsiun-tzu paper and fabric depiction of Lan Ts’ai-ho paper and fabric depiction of Ts’ao Kuo-chiu