16: Democracy

Not what we have in practice (in the U.S.), a republic of bureaucrats, professional lobbyists, agents of corporations, desperate to maintain whatever bafflements protect them in their positions, if it’s any good it’s a circus three rings under a tent where normal people surprise us with exaggerated conceits and exaggerated follies nor, on the local level, a mix of private interests and delusions posturing good will on a public stage; but it’s seldom any good a leaking bucket for hopes and dreams no clown who puts out the fire and tosses into the audience a bucket of confetti no form of government can compensate for the spiritual poverty of a people, people who do not obey their own laws, people whose greed is greater than their dependence on others. weird conversions and transformations assuming familiar roles, mother admonishing, lover forgetful, everyone practicing to be a TV newscaster It is pointless to argue about what degree of democracy is appropriate. Any compromise treats the people like children. broadcasting from a swimming pool from an aisle at the bookstore a hand on your wrist, they won’t let you find the book you are desperate to find the love you lost in high school Democracy should be like the corner bar where people go to drink together, subject neither to their own idiocies nor to the idiocies of others. aching for something real not these President Reagans with hangovers refusing to remove their rubber masks voices muffled behind mouth holes People need free access to information, not name recognition. But who has the time, knows what to do, and can put up with that shit? not this story again, how the familiar can be so unexpected, so disappointing a train wreck in Italy, a bus with tourists that drives off a cliff (mother tells you to clean up your room) everyone is so serious Neither religion nor the arts are democratic, yet, unless the few can afford to be fanatical, the availability of both depend on their popularity. Wholeness of spirit depends on what you and your friends can do for yourselves, not on consumption of products nor opportunities for scoundrels. except for you, practicing to be a weather forecaster reaching for comic relief but at your own expense anything for money, you can’t help it, bad weather in Idaho good weather in Spain

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