benzine ring (c6h6)

The book of science

8700 BCE - 2018 CE

Tom Sharp

Poetry and commentary reflecting milestones of the history of science

Welcome to The book of science. Come here each week to find poetry and commentary on another milestone of the history of science.

New this week

In 1928, Frederick Griffith showed that nonvirulent bacteria can incorporate DNA from virulent bacteria to change their behavior.

1944 Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, Maclyn McCarty genetics Molecular genetics

New recently

1928 Frederick Griffith genetics Transformation
1999 Carl Woese, George E. Fox cell biology Three-domain system
1925,1962 Édouard Chatton, Roger Stanier, C. B. van Niel cell biology Prokaryote and eukaryote
1971-1977 Alexey Olovnikov, Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol W. Greider, Joseph G. Gall, Jack W. Szostak genetics Telomere
1970 Howard Temin, David Baltimore genetics Reverse transcriptase
1961 Leonard Hayflick cell biology Hayflick limit

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