Illustration of Mendelevium

1955 Mendelevium

The book of science

Tom Sharp

BerkeleyAlbert Ghiorso, Bernard G. Harvey, Gregory R. Choppin, Stanley Gerald Thompson, Glenn T. Seaborg elements Illustration of Mendelevium


Bombard a thin foil of einsteinium with alpha particles in a cylclotron. Newly created mendelevium atoms get knocked out of the foil.

Atomic number 101

Bombard einsteinium-253 with alpha,n particles. Bombard einsteinium-253 with alpha,2n particles. Bombard californium-252 with boron,alpha2n. Bombard einsteinium-253 with alpha,3n particles. Bombard einsteinium-255 with alpha,n particles. Bombard americium-241 with carbon-12,5n. Bombard americium-241 with carbon-12,4n. Bombard americium-243 with carbon-12,5n. Bombard americium-243 with carbon-12,4n. Bombard americium-243 with carbon-13,4n. Bombard americium-243 with carbon-13,3n. Bombard curium-248 with oxygen-18,alpha3n. Bombard ensteinium-254 with oxygen-18. Bombard bismuth-209 with argon-40,4n. Bombard bismuth-209 with argon-40,3n. Bombard bismuth-209 with argon-40,2n.


No stable isotope, all radioactive and plenty of ways to make them but no use except in basic research

Sixteen radioisotopes and five isomers of mendelevium have been created. Some would say they have been discovered.

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