1644-1869 Infographics

The book of science

Tom Sharp

William Playfair, Florence Nightingale, Charles Joseph Minard demography


The graphic language


A.K.A. data visualization, descriptive statistics, or statistical graphics, forms include line charts, bar charts, circle graphs, histograms, scatter plots and biplots, box plots, pareto charts, pie charts and doughnut charts, ring or sunburst charts, control charts, run charts, step-and-leaf displays, cartograms, trellis charts (also called small multiples, lattice charts, grid charts, and panel charts), probability plots, spaghetti plots, residual plots, and block plots. Polar area diagrams are also called rose diagrams; almost no one calls them coxcombs any more.

Another noted statistical artist was John Snow, whose map of cholera clusters in London in 1854 helped save lives.

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