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1876 Chemical potential

The book of science

Tom Sharp

Josiah Willard Gibbs thermodynamics Illustration of Chemical potential

Chemical potential

In a thermodynamic system, potential energy can be absorbed or released during a chemical reaction or phase transition, or, if everything’s in equilibrium, then the potential energy is zero.


Josiah Willard Gibbs examined the energy of a system in terms of its entropy, volume, pressure, and temperature, and formulated how adding a molecule affects its energy. He coined the term enthalpy. * Gibbs coined the term statistical mechanics. He created a more general formulation of the statistical properties of systems of many particles than James Clerk Maxwell or Ludwig Boltzmann.


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Chemical potential enabled elegant formulations for the behaviors of thermodynamic systems, such as the phenomenological fundamental equation of thermodynamics, which I won’t try to reproduce or explain here.

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