Laws of thermodynamics

1847 Laws of thermodynamics

The book of science

Tom Sharp

Benjamin Thompson, Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot, James Prescott Joule, Rudolf Clausius thermodynamics

Laws of thermodynamics



I admire geniuses that can realize the truth even though it is not intuitive, and the researcher who doggedly pursues the impossible; however, gullible people are easily be misled by con artists. It would be nice if such deceptions were to cause less damage than the entertainment and hope they offer.

In my pursuit of the principle of perpetual motion, the science of thermodynamics has been like a dog barking at my heels. When we want to convert nothing into something, thermodynamics points out that we will lose energy with every conversion. There can be no overunity generator, no machine that generates more energy than it takes to run it. Nevertheless, organisms organize available energy, and there is plenty of energy to be organized.

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