Illustration of Arrhenius equation

1896 Arrhenius equation

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Svante Arrhenius atmospheric sciences Illustration of Arrhenius equation

Arrhenius equation

The Arrhenius equation helped explain the ice ages, giving the relationship between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and surface temperatures and led Arrhenius to conclude that CO2 emissions by humans can cause global warming.

Observations of the moon

Measurements of lunar temperatures and interference of its infrared radiation by atmospheric carbon dioxide and water vapor showed how increasing carbon dioxide levels lead to increasing greenhouse warming.

Activation energy

When it gets hot, things can happen. Unseen rays abound like straws. At a certain point people may complain. Changes cascade until they can’t be stopped.

A frog, placed in a pot with tepid water, will actually jump out as the water is gradually heated; however, people are not frogs.

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