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Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar astronomy Illustration of White dwarfs

White dwarfs

Unlike main sequence stars, white dwarfs resist gravitational collapse due to electron degeneracy pressure but collapse if they have greater than about 1.44 solar masses, a number known as the Chandrasekhar limit, and then they explode as supernovas and collapse into neutron stars or black holes. At the age of 19, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar predicted this even when the scientific community had not accepted the possibility of black holes.


The solidity of ordinary matter is an effect of the refusal of fermions, including electrons, to occupy the quantum state of another fermion. This is called quantum degeneracy pressure. A white dwarf has depleted all or most of its fusionable matter, so it is not supported against collapse by the heat of fusion reactions. Its extremely dense core of carbon and oxygen, provided that it stays under the Chandrasekhar limit and is not rotating extremely fast, resists collapse only by electron degeneracy pressure.


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Although white dwarfs are not “main sequence” stars, not included in the theory of stellar evolution described by Arthur Eddington and others in 1920, they are thought to be the final evolutionary state of over 97% of stars in our galaxy.

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