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1932-1951 Positronium

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Carl David Anderson, Stjepan Mohorovičić, Martin Deutsch particle physics Illustration of Positronium


Lighter than hydrogen, positronium is an onium of an electron bound to its antiparticle a positron orbiting their common center. One positronium is a single exotic atom; two or more of them make positronia. A positronium is metastable, meaning it doesn’t decay right away, but when it does (in about an eighth of a nanosecond), particle and antiparticle annihilate each other releasing gamma rays or photons.

Other oniums

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The Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup is set in the fictional country of Freedonia, diminutive, obscure, and autocratic. Generally, the names of particle-antiparticle exotic atoms end in “onium,” plural “onia.” The Duck Soup setting is only a coincidence.

The study of onia (oniumology?) has helped refine quantum field theory, quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, and the theory of strong interactions among fundamental particles.

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