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Melvin Calvin botany Illustration of Photosynthesis


Working at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Melvin Calvin had a ready supply of the radioactive isotope carbon-14. So he fed it to alga in flasks and stopped the reactions every few seconds to test how the carbon was taken up by the alga into an increasing set of compounds, thus letting him describe the cycle of reactions in the stroma of chloroplasts of plants synthesizing energy from sunlight.


From sunlight plants make adenosine triphosphate, a molecule that transfers energy. To show how much we and other animals are similar to plants, the human body creates and recycles its own weight in ATP each day.

Evolutionary economy

Let’s say photosynthesis evolved in bacteria. Let’s say the first plants engulfed them as chloroplasts and the first animals engulfed them as mitochondria. These cases are called primary endosymbiosis. Secondary endosymbiosis happens when one product of primary endosymbiosis engulfs another. One solution for energy-production serves multiple orders.

Melvin Calvin (discovers how photosynthesis works)

With ukelele chords

G7Melvin GdimCalvin (G7I mean Melvin GdimCalvin) Fwas a C7chemist (Fyeah he was a C7chemist) A7got his D7hands on (A7well he got his D7hands on) A7carbon-fourE7teen (A7radioactive carbon, E7carbon-fourAteen). G7Melvin GdimCalvin (G7I mean Melvin GdimCalvin) Ffed that C7carbon (Fradioactive C7carbon) to A7algae D7that he (A7fed it to his D7algae) A7grew in his E7flasks (A7yeah he grew it in his, E7grew in his Aflasks) FDU D DmD FDU D AmD FPho-to, Dmpho-toAmsyn-theFsis FIt took DmMel-vin Amten whole Cyears CDU DmDU AmDU FD FDU GmDU GmDU CD G7Melvin GdimCalvin (G7I mean Melvin GdimCalvin) Ftested C7algae (Ftested and reC7tested) to A7find out D7how it (A7find out how it D7uses) A7uses sunE7light (A7see how algae uses, E7uses sunAlight). G7Melvin GdimCalvin (G7I mean Melvin GdimCalvin) FMelvin C7Calvin (Fsame old Melvin C7Calvin) A7explained D7photo- (A7explained photoD7synthe-) A7photosynthesis (E7photosyntheAsis).

The Calvin cycle uses light energy to consume carbon-dioxide and water; it emits oxygen as a byproduct and produces sugar that living cells can use. Cells that use ATP as an energy source convert it back into its precursors so that it is continuously recycled. Mitochondria in a human cell produces ATP in the citric-acid cycle discovered by Hans Adolf Krebs.

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