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Hannes Alfvén, Oskar Klein cosmology Illustration of Plasma cosmology

Plasma cosmology

With regard to the formation of planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe, plasma permeates the cosmos so let’s not assume only ordinary matter matters. * Does electromagnetism in plasmas affect charged particles in space more than gravity? Could the theory of double layers explain baryon asymmetry and the origin of our universe? * In the cosmology of Alfvén and Klein, we live in an ambiplasma bubble that has expanded beyond the visible universe.

Plasma scaling

The secret of scaling plasma parameters are questionable laws without dimensions. Plasma equations have many factors— capacitance, conductivity, current, current density, electric field, electron density, gas density, inductance, ion density, ionization fraction, length, magnetic field, particle energy, potential, resistance, time, and velocity— all related to each other. Ignoring inessentials leads to transformations that respect similarities across orders of magnitude.


Big. Really big. More than are dreamt of. Clouds spread across interstellar spaces. Even stupidity, even ignorance are not more vast. Yet like ghosts they drift without bodies.

The Alfvén-Klein cosmology has been rejected because it seems that plasmas that span galactic and intergalactic spaces are so diffuse that their magnetic and electric fields are relatively weak and short ranging.

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