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1922,1926 Absorption refrigerator

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Baltzar von Platen, Carl Munters, Albert Einstein, Leo Szilard thermodynamics Illustration of Absorption refrigerator

Absorption refrigerator

While they were students of engineering Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters developed the absorption refrigerator driven by any heat source and having no moving mechanical parts. * Hydrogen gas in the cooling pipes lowers the partial pressure above the ammonia which causes it to evaporate. Evaporating ammonia from water captures heat that is released when the ammonia is reabsorbed into the water.

Einstein refrigerator

Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard improved the absorption refrigerator. Electrolux, which already owned the patents of von Platon and Munters, bought the patents of Einstein and Szilard. Absorption refrigerators today are used in RVs and travel trailers.

Thermodynamics says something about being cool

It takes energy to be cool and that’s all about taking the heat.

Gas-absorption refrigeration using ammonia and water was invented by Ferdinand and Edmond Carré in 1858, but their ice-making machine used a compressor. Von Platen and Munters were the first to remove all moving parts.

Frigidaire is now the U.S. division of Electrolux.

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