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1928 Dirac equation

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Paul Dirac quantum mechanics Illustration of Dirac equation

Dirac equation

Paul Dirac made Schrödinger’s equation consistent with Einstein’s theory of relativity, relating not only to the Planck constant but also to the speed of light.

Dirac sea

Dirac’s hole theory predicts that so-called empty space is a sea of electrons. Electrons are negatively charged and repel each other, so this sea is never at rest. Bubbles in this restless sea act like positive particles, later called positrons.


Space is made, theoretically, of jellium, something like blackberry jam with seeds, I suspect. It seems more likely to exist in those heavy D batteries when fully charged, but without the purple color, as shown when they leak. Jellium is a uniform distribution of positive charges in a semiconductor acting like a metal, or an artificial brain, whether fully charged or leaking with age, whose neurons are dealing with negativity.

Paul Dirac predicted the existence of antimatter. Carl David Anderson first discovered a positron in 1932. Paul Diral didn’t say why there seems to be more matter in the universe than antimatter.

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